Corporate Law and Governance
Our Corporate Law and Corporate Governance group is unrivalled in its experience and expertise. The firm supports and gives advice to public and private companies and their directors and officers in a diverse range of industries with regard to:
  • Selecting the optimal legal form of incorporation. 
  • Registration of companies, partnerships, subsidiaries, branches, representative offices of local and foreign entities.
  • Drafting the necessary incorporation documents. 
  • Legal aspects of corporate finance.
  • Company liquidation, bankruptcy law and insolvency.

Faced with Israel’s complex and rapidly changing regulatory environment, as well as foreign regulatory requirements which are sometimes applicable to our clients, Naschitz Brandes Amir advises members of the board of directors, the board as a whole, and senior executives on the full range of corporate governance issues that confront companies and their leadership, including:
  • Board composition, procedures, and election contests. 
  • Committee compensation and procedures.
  • Governance requirements of securities exchanges.
  • Director and officer fiduciary duties and responsibilities.
  • Board/management issues, including conflicts of interest, related party transactions and executive compensation.
  • Board and committee governance matters, including charters, programs and policies, self-evaluations, codes of conduct, and executive succession planning.
  • Shareholder relations (including shareholder communications, responding to shareholder proposals, dealing with shareholder activists, institutional corporate governance advisors, and shareholder advisory firms).