Employment Law
At Naschitz Brandes Amir, we have extensive knowledge of the challenges facing companies of all sizes, together with a deep and practical understanding of related labor law issues and how to resolve them quickly and effectively.  

Representing both Israeli and multinational employers across a spectrum of labor matters, the firm’s Employment Law team advises clients and represents them in Labor Courts, in arbitration proceedings and in mediation efforts.
Our expertise and services include on-going and on-line legal support for HR divisions and legal opinions on labor law, labor relations and human resources issues; negotiating individual and collective agreements and pension arrangements; reorganizations and retirement arrangements; supporting different M&A proceedings including DD efforts in all labor issues; formulating internal compliance regulations and procedures; general and focused labor law updates and training for managers and employees; assisting and consulting on disciplinary procedures and sexual harassment complaints.          
Among our labor practice clients are some of the leading companies in their field, including IT and software, manpower companies, services and various industries.
Representing numerous high-tech companies at all stages of development, the firm has gained valuable experience in this sector’s specific needs and issues. 

The firm won a precedent-setting victory in 2000, in an employee migration litigation initiated against one of the firm’s clients by a competitor for hiring a past employee. This is still the leading case on the validity and enforceability of non-compete clauses in employment agreements, and was named by the recently retired President of the National Labor Court to be the most important opinion in his long and influential career. Some of the leading cases on employee stock options were also handled by the firm.

Similarly active in employee law matters, Naschitz Brandes Amir represents the Organization of State Employed Physicians and has represented the El Al Pilots’ Union for many years.  In addition, the firm is the sole Israeli representative of the Employment Law Alliance, the leading international organization of lawyers in the field of employment law.