​The Case of Delila Hatuel and The Olympic Committee
The Case of Delila Hatuel
The Court of Arbitration for Sport, based in Switzerland, the CAS, ruled that the criteria of the Israeli Olympic Committee stating that Hatuel does not qualify and cannot participate in the Olympics are fair, reasonable and professional.
This denied the athlete's appeal against the Israeli Olympic Committee, represented by attorneys Gil Arbel Atar and Hanan, our agency.
Delila Hatuel was not included in the Rio Games delegation due to the failure to meet Israel's criteria, although she met the international criteria.
The decision has set a new precedent, which will affect not only Israel, and has established that countries participating in the Games are allowed to set stricter criteria than those of the international committee.
Congratulations to our outstanding team for this achievement.
The Olympic Committee was represented by attorneys Gil Atar and Hanan Arbel of our firm.