The Firm Successfully Represented The Bank 'Otsar Ha-Hayal' as Part of a Class Action
The firm successfully represented the Bank OTSAR HA-HAYAL as part of a class action filed against the Bank and Tavor Economic Consultants for $661 million.
The plaintiff claims that the bank was misleading by providing guaranteed loans, since it was not clear that the state's surety is not guaranteed.
The court accepted the bank's and Tavor's arguments and determined that there was no deception in the bank's operations. In light of this decision, the court rejected the claim and also ruled that the plaintiff's directors of shall individually cover the NIS10,000 individually.
Bank OTSAR HA-HAYAL was represented by attorneys Sharon Lubezky, Shahar Haron, and Guy Goldstein. Tavor was represented by attorney Erez Modai.