Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Alternative Dispute Resolution practice of Naschitz Brandes Amir offers a wide range of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to resolve disputes by consensual rules outside the courts. Our goal is to achieve the best, most efficient and cost-effective resolution of disputes for each client.
Senior attorneys at our firm regularly serve as arbitrators and mediators in complex commercial disputes. Such attorneys have gained specialized experience in managing and conducting arbitration and mediation proceedings in complex commercial and business disputes involving some of the largest corporations and high net worth individuals in Israel and abroad. It has been our experience that in the appropriate case, well-designed ADR procedures can preserve confidentiality and produce faster and more economically efficient results than litigation.

In addition to their regular litigation practice, our attorneys have been serving as mediators in numerous ADR procedures in disputes involving contract, employment, insurance, intellectual property, products liability, real estate and tort claims. Third parties are being referred to us by the courts and by other attorneys who appreciate the ability of our attorneys as arbitrators and mediators and by other entities and individuals who took part in arbitrations and mediations that have been conducted by us and were satisfied with the efficiency and professionalism of our attorneys throughout the arbitration or mediation process.