Administrative Law

The Administrative Law practice at Naschitz Brandes Amir has extensive experience representing local and international clients in challenging decisions of public institutions, regulatory bodies, municipalities and other governmental authorities in Israel. The firm also assists its clients in permit and license applications and in tender processes.

With a deep understanding of the legal obligations of Israeli governmental institutions and local authorities in this country, the firm represents its clients in appeals against various state institutions in the administrative courts, the Supreme Court and other judicial frameworks. 

Naschitz Brandes Amir has played a part in a number of highly complex and successful litigations in the administrative law field including:

The firm appealed on behalf of the country’s teacher training colleges against the Education Ministry and the Finance Ministry regarding an unfulfilled commitment to support student fees. As a result of the appeal, both ministries consented to release the funds in question.

The firm also appealed against the Agriculture Ministry on behalf of the Moshav Movement and other farmers, concerning an unfair discrimination in relation to the milk quota. After a Supreme Court hearing, the Ministry was ordered to create new regulations that would correct the existing discriminative practice.

In light of its rich experience and solid reputation in the Administrative Law field, the firm is asked frequently to represent and give legal advice to public institutions such as the Government Companies Authority, Mei Avivim (the Tel Aviv Water Authority), the Sheba Medical Center, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange as well as local planning committees, municipal and regional authorities. 

The firm also has a great deal of experience supporting and representing clients in the context of legislative and regulatory processes, and in hearings with Knesset (Israeli parliament) committees, public committees and government authorities.