The highly experienced Antitrust department at Naschitz Brandes Amir provides a broad range of services, ranging from representing clients in civil and criminal proceedings before the Israel Antitrust Authority, the Israel Competition Tribunal and other parts of the court system, to assisting clients in seeking pre-clearance from the Israel Antitrust Authority for numerous mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, exclusive licenses, restrictive arrangements and other various cross-border and domestic transactions. The firm also provides ongoing competition law advice to clients with dominant market position and monopolies.  

The Antitrust group compliments the firm's mergers and acquisitions practice with significant experience in cross-border M&A. The firm recently accompanied a major merger between two Israeli capital markets investment companies and a pending merger between two major holding companies in the shopping centers market. These mergers raised some complex antitrust issues requiring in-depth examination of the relevant markets, and the firm was successful in obtaining a conditional approval of the Antitrust General Director.

In addition, the firm represented the Israel Shippers' council regarding a major change that was made in the antitrust regulation in the field of maritime transportation. Our firm was successful in shaping the new regulation and in convincing the Antitrust General Director to set guidelines in that matter. 

One of the firm’s founders, Hanina Brandes, served for many years as a member of the Mergers & Exemptions Committee of the Israel Antitrust Commission, and is recognized as a leading figure in the Israeli competition market.