Bankruptcy and Insolvency

The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Department of Naschitz Brandes Amir is highly experienced in the field of insolvency, receivership, realization and sale of assets, creditor arrangements, and the rehabilitation of companies undergoing difficulties. The Department's unique experience and skills complement the firm's ability to support the various aspects of complex international and local transactions.

The varied matters handled by the Department have included some of the most important and influential proceedings in the history of Israel's economy. Attorneys in the Department often serve as appointees (liquidators, receivers or trustees in stays of proceedings) in complex cases of insolvency, including major retailers and infrastructure companies.

The Department has extensive experience and knowledge in representing creditors, both secured and unsecured, including but not limited to the major commercial banks of Israel. Such representation includes defending the rights of such creditors in situations of debtor insolvency, realization of assets, investigations, and handling complex disputes regarding creditor rights and priorities.

The Department has also represented banks against claims and class actions brought against such banks in consumer-related issues, money laundering questions, and other matters.

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