Information Technology, Computers, Internet and Cyber
 The firm represents some of the largest local and multinational companies in the Information Technology field and has handled some of the largest information technology transactions in Israel. Its clients are offered a unique specialty in this field, including with respect to complex integration and turn key projects such as core business computer projects, ERP & CRM, communication, software, licensing, maintenance, distribution, manufacturing, outsourcing, consultancy, R&D agreements, open source issues, source code escrow and other forms of commercial exploitation of intellectual property agreements. The firm's IT department lawyers are well familiar with the entire spectrum of IT transactions, are capable of drafting and negotiating all transaction documents and are well-equipped to counsel clients on best practices and industry standards in the field.
The IT team has vast expertise in various areas of Internet related legal and contractual issues, including privacy, data protection, information management, internet terms of use, internet domain disputes, hosting and SaaS offerings, spam issues, cyber security and regulatory consulting.
The IT department’s clients include software houses and equipment manufacturers, system integrators and other software vendors and also include various customers purchasing computer projects and IT systems and services, such as banks, insurance companies and other commercial clients.