Product Liability

Naschitz Brandes Amir is one of the country’s leading product liability firms, with many years of experience and practice in the field. The firm’s lawyers have represented defendants (manufacturers) and insurers in significant and complex cases, including some of the largest product liability claims raised in Israel.
The firm’s lawyers are experienced in handling claims for personal injuries and property damage resulting from defects in various products such as food, electrical goods, medical equipment and chemical materials. Representation includes developing a creative strategy together with the client, consulting with, and receiving opinions from, the top experts in the field, negotiating and appearing in court.
Likewise, the firm has successfully advised large companies in relation to product recalls and corrective and preventive action in Israel.
Claims and legal issues the firm was involved in include:

  • Advising BSH Home Appliances, importers of Bosch, Siemens and Constructa in Israel, regarding the corrective and preventive action process, in relation to refrigerators (2011) and dish washing machines (2013).
  • Advising Tadiran Appliances, regarding the corrective and preventive action process, in relation to air conditioning units (2009).
  • Representation of insurers in claims brought in Israel against Mekorot - The National Water Company in the amount of NIS 30M for damages caused to agricultural fields by polluted water.
  • Representation of insurers in an insurance claim brought by an Israeli manufacturer, who was sued overseas in a personal injury claim, for the use of the pesticide DBCP.