Pro Bono
Naschitz Brandes Amir is active in a wide range of pro bono activity including:
  1. Handling pro-bono cases (in court and in tribunals) of individuals.
  2. Voluntary legal support for various NGOs, including handling the legal aspects of their on-going activities. Such NGOS include the following:
    • ELEM - founded to help Israel’s population of at-risk youth become productive citizens for the benefit of themselves, their families and society. ELEM operates its programs in 40 cities and employs 280 counseling and treatment professionals and almost 1,700 volunteers. 
    • FRIENDS OF BEIT LESSIN THEATER - established in 2006, as a bridge between the world of theater and the arts and the business world .Friends of the theater work to promote the following areas: recruiting subsidies and sponsorship activities, providing assistance to special productions for theater, developing projects and social initiatives to foster a culture of theater, promoting activities for the welfare of the theater staff and actors through the purchase of required equipment.
    • ARTHUR RUBINSTEIN INT'L MUSIC SOCIETY - established in 1980, to promote the development of Israel's cultural life through the grant of scholarships and artistic promotion of talented musicians.
    • HALEV - which grants free legal aid to the needy through volunteering law students and lawyers participating in a number of projects under the auspices of universities and legal faculties up and down the country. The organization has received the President of Israel Award for Volunteers, the Honor Award for Outstanding Social Service and Honor Award of Social Activity from the Israel Bar Association. In addition, the firm regularly hosts the heads of the organization in its Tel Aviv office. A firm partner and lawyer have been active members of the organization for some years.
    • BATEVA SCHOOL - founded in 2009, by Mira and Benny De-Kalo and prepares children and youth diagnosed with complicated learning disabilities and borderline levels of functioning, for successful independent integration into society by the age of 21.
    • SHEBA MEDICAL CENTER at Tel Hashomer - is the most comprehensive medical center in the Middle East, renowned for its compassionate care and leading-edge medicine. With around 6000 medical staff, including 850 doctors, the Sheba Medical Center performs almost 4 million checks-ups and treatments to more than 1 million patients. The firm provides support including legal advice on running tenders and accepting donations.
    • THE ISRAELI ASSOCIATION FOR HEART AND BLOOD VESSEL RESEARCH (formerly the Israeli Association for Preventing Repeat Heart Attacks).
    • OR LECHINUCH - which operates a unique program for youth, focusing on Israel’s social and geographical peripheries, with the goal of instilling in them excellence and volunteering as core values. Amongst other honors, the Organization has received the Prime Minister’s Award, the Award of Excellence (Council for Higher Education) the Education Minister’s Award and the Ilan and Assaf Ramon Award for Quality, Excellence and Leadership. 
  3. Participation in the “Different Lesson” Project, in which 25 of the firm’s partners, associates and interns participate in delivering lessons in law to Tel Aviv elementary school pupils throughout the year, culminating in a end-of-semester staged trial and a visit to the firm’s office and the law courts.

The firm’s pro bono activity is part of its desire to contribute to Israeli society and also part our belief that lawyers are obligated to be partners in social activity by using their professional knowledge for the good of the community and to help those that cannot afford to pay for legal representation and advice. 

The activity is varied and leverages the professional expertise and assets of the firm. It includes representing the disadvantaged in court, on-going legal support for various NGOs and the participation in the Different Lessons project (for the third year running).
Youth in Distress
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