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Orli Naschitz appointed Head of ECOSOC Committee of World Federation of Consuls


Orli Naschitz, a partner in the Tort and Insurance Litigation practice and Honorary Consul-General of Iceland in Israel, has been appointed as Head of the ECOSOC Committee of the FICAC (World Federation of Consuls), representing the third generation of her family to hold this position.


The ECOSOC Committee is a central committee of the United Nations that focuses on economic and social issues. Its aim is to promote collective action for a sustainable world. As part of her role, Orli attended the Csw67 (Commission on the Status of Women) conference of the United Nations in New York to mark International Women's Day. During the conference, she participated in meetings with the Prime Minister of Iceland, the Icelandic Ambassador to the United Nations, and the Norwegian Minister for Equality. She also participated in a meeting on the impacts of technology and artificial intelligence on gender equality, attended by senior ministers.


During the meeting, the President of the United Nations General Assembly underscored the imperative for global transformation to foster girls' education, facilitate their integration into the economy, and establish equitable access to fundamental human rights for women, which, in their absence, results in an annual economic loss of one trillion dollars. Orli is expected to participate in a festive session chaired by the president of the General Assembly and in other events.

Naschitz Brandes Amir Team