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Orli Naschitz is a highly accomplished partner at Naschitz Brandes Amir, with a proven track record of representing and advising international and domestic large corporate clients in local and international disputes. Ms. Naschitz is well-versed in negotiations of complex contracts and tenders, product liability, consumer litigation, and antitrust class actions. Additionally, Ms. Naschitz has a wealth of experience in complex civil and commercial litigation, large-scale class actions, insurance and reinsurance law, tender law, and maritime law.


As a skilled mediator, Ms. Naschitz navigates commercial, contractual, insurance, reinsurance, and real estate disputes with precision and finesse, providing the disputing parties with a clear reflection of their commercial interests and motivating them toward successful resolutions. Ms. Naschitz is an active member of the Dispute Resolution Forum of the Israeli Bar, sharing her knowledge and experience through lectures, online presentations, and discussions with an aim to further the use of ADR in Israel. Her expertise in litigation and mediation, coupled with her certification as a Clinical Psychologist, gives clients an added advantage in complex negotiations and enables them to achieve their commercial goals. Additionally, Ms. Naschitz is certified to prepare and edit enduring power of attorney documents, wills, and guardianship requests.



Ms. Naschitz interned at the Supreme Court. Ms. Naschitz is also the Honorary Consul General of Iceland in Israel.

  • Successfully represented in a precedent-setting case of Cnaan v. U.S.A. Government regarding ownership of the original paintings of Ruben, a case which was decided by an extended panel of the Supreme Court in an extra special instance reserved for new legal developments, in which new law was made as to the criteria of Market overt, dealing with the conflict between the bona fide purchaser of a chattel and the person whose rights in the property are injured by the sale.
  • Successfully represented Harel Insurance Co. Ltd. in a petition against NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System resulting in the cancellation of a tender for an insurance Broker and promoting the preparation of a new insurance tender
  • Successfully represented Harel Insurance Co. Ltd. in a petition against Ashdod Port Authority leading to a cancelation of a closed tender for insurance brokers and the reissuing of a new tender for insurance which was open to all insurers.
  • Successfully represented a major insurer in complex negotiations with a reinsurer regarding LPT agreements.
  • Successfully represented The Israel Association of Travel Agencies in several petitions before the Israeli Supreme Court against regulatory demands of the Commissioner of the Capital Market, Insurance, and Savings Authority in regard to the sale of insurance.
  • Successfully represented clients in Petitions before the Supreme Court on matters of state foreclosure of property for state purposes, affirming the clients’ proprietary rights and obtaining compensation.
  • Successfully Represented The Airport Authority in two multi-million dollar class actions alleging negligence resulting in the jet fuel contamination scare which resulted in the halting of all activity at the Ben Gurion Airport for several days, causing major damages to passengers and commercial entities. The court dismissed the claims.
  • Successfully represented a leading exclusive producer of large-scale events in administrative claims, tender issues, commercial and insurance litigation, and transactions.
  • Successfully mediated a large-scale dispute between one of the largest high-tech companies originating from Israel and a former investor regarding IP rights.
  • Mediated between real estate entrepreneurs regarding a land project dispute.
  • Successfully represented Mekorot in a class action brought against it in regard to the use of Fluoride in drinking water, resulting in the removal of the class action from the court docket.
  • Successfully represented Clal Insurance Co. in several class actions brought against it in regard to students’ personal injury policies.
  • Successfully Represented a major manufacturer and retailer of toiletries and detergents in a class action regarding product liability.
  • Monitoring of a large-scale tort case filed in Florida regarding the tortious invasion of privacy claims, involving threshold arguments for Forum Non Conveniens and absence of personal jurisdiction, involving Israeli citizens and relating to Internet international law and jurisdiction.
  • Consulting reinsurers on matters of Israeli law.
  • Advised international clients who form part of a construction consortium for the Light Railway on tender and commercial law aspects.
  • Consulting international companies on the application of corporate governance rules and consulting on contracts.
  • Represented The Israel Center for the Blind in Knesset (Parliament) legislative formulations procedures of regulations of internet sites’ accessibility.
  • Representing various companies in consumer and insurance class actions.
  • Representing clients in the submission of consumer class actions.
  • Representing various insurance companies in insurance claims in regard to property damage, torts, maritime, and aviation claims.
  • Representing insurance claims regarding fine arts and diamonds.
  • Representing and consulting clients from countries in the Middle East with which new peace accords have been signed-in their entrance into the Israeli market.
  • Preparing and editing enduring power of attorney documents as well as wills and guardianship requests.

LL.B., Tel Aviv University (1997)
B.A. Psychology and Political Science (magna cum laude), Tel-Aviv-Yaffo Academic College (2003)
M.A. in Clinical Psychology (summa cum laude), Tel-Aviv-Yaffo Academic College (2006)


Israel (1998)
Mediator - Certified by Israeli BAR