As a leading full-service technology company law firm in a country deemed a “hotbed for pioneering technologies”, Naschitz Brandes Amir provides the full spectrum of legal and advisory assistance in obtaining Research & Development (R&D) grants and support from a variety of government economic development agencies and key stakeholders, such as the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA).


With a combination of legal, corporate, and business expertise, we partner with tech entrepreneurs and companies at all stages of growth to help them realize their potential more effectively and to ensure the right support to create, innovate, grow and thrive.


How we help our clients:


  • Planning a long-term R&D funding strategy for early-stage companies, through identifying opportunities, advantages, disadvantages, and binding contractual commitments pertaining to future financing and exit transactions.
  • Preparation and review of R&D grant applications with the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) and other government institutions. Assistance with application for R&D benefits with the Israel Tax Authority and the Securities Authority.
  • Advising mature Israeli companies/local subsidiaries of multinational technology corporations, throughout their engagement with the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), including guidance on available tracks and incentives, filing and application, and special requirements.
  • Assisting with the structuring, negotiation, and execution of complex transactions that involve ownership and commercialization of IP developed through government-funded research.
  • Advising on matters related to the transfer of technology developed through government-funded R&D initiatives, including assistance with applications for approval of transfer of IAA-supported technology or know-how within or outside of Israel, and the transfer of manufacturing rights and patent control.
  • Advising domestic and foreign investors, acquirers, investment bankers, and underwriters in public offerings in their potential business relations with IIA grantees.
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