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Naschitz Brandes Amir Expands with Cohen Wilchek & Co Merger


Naschitz Brandes Amir announced today a merger with a well-established Israeli law firm, Cohen, Wilchek & Co., which has twenty partners and lawyers. Following the merger, officially set for December 31, the newly combined firm will comprise a total of 240 attorneys and 380 employees.


Founded 27 years ago by Advs. Eli Wilchek and Avner Cohen, Cohen, Wilchek & Co. has earned a strong reputation for its expertise in diverse areas of the law. Adv. Wilchek specializes in planning and construction law, including tenders and local authority matters, while Adv. Cohen specializes in insolvency law. The firm's extensive client roster includes municipalities and regional councils, major corporations like Israel Electric Corporation and Israel Aerospace Industries, and notable players in the real estate sector such as Kvutzat Acro, Reality Group, Israel Canada, and Carasso Real Estate.


Naschitz Brandes Amir managing partner, Tal Eliasaf, said, "These are challenging times for the people of Israel and the Israeli economy, but we are committed to continuing our operations and maintaining normalcy in the shadow of the conflict, ensuring a better future here. This merger aligns with our growth trend of recent years, contributing to the strengthening and expansion of the firm’s areas of activity."


Avner Cohen added, "I am confident that the merger between the firms, even during these challenging times, will pave the way for growth and prosperity for the merged firm."


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