Drawing on the deep expertise and intimate knowledge of the Middle Eastern culture and business mentality, our cross-functional Gulf Desk practice team acts as the first point of contact and provides a wide spectrum of services to clients from across the UAE & Gulf Region.


Sharon Tzfoni heads the firm’s Gulf Desk. As a practicing corporate/commercial lawyer and a former representative of the Prime Minister's Office in the Gulf, Mr. Tzfoni brings a proven suite of legal skills, business acumen, and fully trilingual Arabic, English, and Hebrew ability.


As an esteemed Israeli law firm working with market-leading global companies doing business in Israel, we understand the challenges organizations face when investing or establishing operations in a foreign country.



How we help our clients:


  • representing high-net-worth individuals, family offices, venture capital, private equity, and sovereign wealth funds in their acquisitions and investments in Israeli ventures and businesses;
  • assisting businesses in their transactions with Israeli companies, including joint ventures, licensing, commercialization of intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and dispute resolution.
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