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Shay Cohen, a partner in the firm's Litigation & Dispute Resolution practice, specializes in complex litigation, with a particular focus on insurance and tort law (predominantly product liability, professional negligence, and mass torts), civil and commercial litigation (constructions litigation and contractual disputes), and various class actions (as defense counsel on insurance, product liability, environmental and consumer protection class actions). In addition, Shay has considerable expertise in advising and representing domestic and foreign companies on all aspects of product compliance and recalls in Israel.

Shay’s extensive track record includes representation of some of the largest Israeli public companies and international insurers and reinsurers, in complex proceedings, before all courts and arbitration panels in Israel. In this capacity, Shay has been involved in some of the largest cases tried in Israel.

  • Successfully represented Harel Insurance and Mekorot (the national water company) in a multi-million NIS claim relating to alleged damages to agricultural crops as a result of quality of the supplied water.
  • Successfully represented Haifa Chemicals in a joint civil claim that was filed by more than 100 different plaintiffs alleging that they suffered bodily injury as a result of exposure to contaminated water in the Kishon River.
  • Successfully Represented A. Arenson Ltd. in a variety of construction disputes involving owners and sub-contractors, including a NIS 100 million civil claim against the Israeli Port Company Ltd., and a NIS 60 million civil claim against Israel Roads Ltd.
  • Successfully represented City Bank, N.A., and Himalayan Bank Limited in a complicated multi-million US$ letter of credit fraud case.
  • Successfully represented Harel Insurance Co. and its insureds in a NIS 20 million professional negligence claim relating to alleged delays in providing building permits.
  • Successfully represented BSH Home Appliances Ltd. in a series of product liability claims. Regularly advising the company regarding product regulation and recalls.
  • Representing Harel Insurance and foreign reinsurers in a US$85 million insurance claim (contractors’ all risks and professional liability insurance policies) relating to alleged defects in a desalination plant, including loss of profits as a result of delays in construction.
  • Representing Harel Insurance and its insured in a series of property damage disputes as a result of a major flooding occurrence, in the total amount of NIS 200 million.
  • Representing and advising Harel Insurance on a US$ 100 million claim that was filed by a third-year medical student (attending foreign students medical program), at the New York Southern District Court.
  • Representing Harel Insurance, its reinsurer, and Mekorot in a number of insurance and tort claims (above NIS 100 million), relating to alleged damages to agricultural crops as a result of disruption and quality of the supplied water.
  • Representing Clal Insurance in a number of multi-million NIS insurance claims relating to property damages and losses of profits under CAR insurance policy issued to NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System.
  • Representing Clal Insurance in a NIS 40 million insurance claim relating to the collapse of a building at "Mei Eden" plant.
  • Representing Clal Insurance in a NIS 50 million insurance claim relating to the destruction of "Yarkonim" mall center.
  • Representing Clal insurance in an estimated NIS 60 million claim relating to defects and failures in the construction of the "Turner" football stadium.
  • Representing Phoenix Insurance, its reinsurer, and its insured Pazgas in a 40 NIS million claim relating to alleged property damages, bodily injuries, and subrogation claims caused by a gas explosion in Jerusalem.
  • Representing Harel Insurance Company Ltd, in a 93 NIS million insurance claim filed by Electra EPC and ELCO, relating to the loss of profit as a result of a delay in the start-up of the hydroelectric power station.
  • Representing Harel Insurance Company in a 68 NIS million claim relating to a fire that broke out in 2019 and caused damage to building and apartments in Mavo Modiin settlement;
  • Representing Harel Insurance and its insured in a NIS 31 million claim relating to alleged damage to broilers as a result of the defects in the supplied food additive.
  • Representing Harel Insurance and Afcon in a $US 100 million claim, relating to property damage as a result of fire occurrence.
  • Representing Zurich Plc. in an US$ 85 million claim as a result of a groundwater flooding incident.
  • Representing ISS Israel and Its insurers (Harel and Zurich Insurance) in a US$23 million claim relating to property damages and loss of profits, due to a fire occurrence in Carmelit underground train in Haifa.
  • Representing Haifa Chemicals in a class action that was filed by the residents of the
    Haifa Gulf Area, alleging that air pollution increased their health risks, whereas their
    damages were estimated in the amount of 14 billion NIS.
  • Representing Caesarstone Ltd. in more than 250 civil claims alleging personal injury as a result of occupational exposure to silica dust.

LL.B., Tel-Aviv University (2000)

LL.M., Tel-Aviv University (2003)


Israel (2001)